Chye Tau Kway


Chye Tau Kway – a famous singapore street food.

Normally it’s called carrot cake. Don’t judge it from it’s appearance! It really contains white carrot powder!
Pour prepared cut carrot cake into a big wok, put egg and sprinkle with spring onion.

Chye tau kway normally has two style; black or white.
Black has more sweet soy sauce in it and taste sweet when white don’t put any. Both style has it’s own taste. Wide age range from kids to adults will enjoy this hawker food!

Normally it costs around 2sgd to 3sgd depeds on places.


Try it, and you will like it!

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Thunder rice tea


Thunder rice tea – a traditional chinese hakka food.

Mixed with various vegetables, toufu, roasted peanuts, fried anchovy and a flavored herbal soup. Soup has coriander, sesame, mint leaves and etc…(which the ingredient is unrevealed)

You can either choose two types; white rice or brown rice. The price may different between location of kopitiam.

Either you can mix the herbal soup at the bowl of mixed rice, however my personal preference is to eat like Korean style ‘bibimpbab’- putting chilli paste and mix the rice, serve with soup!

Healthy and filling, normally the price is 4.50sgd for white rice, 5sgd for brown rice.

My favorite food!!!

Try it, and you will like it.


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Chee Cheong Fun


Chee Cheong Fun – mostly served for breakfast. Easily comsumed, sweet and spicy taste. Made out of rice powder, steam it, and serve with chilli sauce, sweet soy sauce, sprinkle with sesame.

Nice and addictive taste. This style(plain) is only available in Singapore.

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Popiah – Singapore’s popular side dish. Can say vegetable(nb. Contains egg) wrap. Contains bean sprout, egg, cooked radish, lettuce, garlic, crackers and optional of chilli paste). The wrap is made of flour. Cost varies from one place to other places, mainly 1.2sgd to 1.5sgd.

Try it, you will love it!

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Fishball soup


Favorite Singapore hawker food – fishball.

It comes with varies types. Basically the fundamental is fishball. Either you can order with noodle in dried or soup style. However if you are only keen to eat this, you can order fishball with soup only when you place an order.

Normally the shop owners will buy from outside however sometimes you will spot some stall they home made it – you can recognise from the shape.

Fishball is normally a combination of flour with blended fish (can be any part, pinch of salt and of course some MSG).

Try it, and you will like it!

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